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2025 Porsche Macan in Ontario

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2025 Porsche Macan Performance Porsche Performance

2025 Porsche Macan performance

Full of energy. Full of driving pleasure.

Breathtaking from the very first foot. Dynamic in turns. Efficient on all fronts. Every single mile, the all-electric Macan demonstrates what it is capable of: impressive E-Performance.

2025 Porsche Macan performance

100.0 kWh

Thanks to its high capacity and energy density, the high-performance lithium-ion battery has power for ranges of up to >> TBA <<. The optimized battery management system protects the components and increases their service life.

2025 Porsche Macan performance

800V architecture.

As with the Taycan, Porsche also uses 800V technology for the all-electric Macan. This means that charging capacities of up to 270 kW are possible.

2025 Porsche Macan performance

Single speed transmission.

Sporty starting and spirited acceleration — these two typically Porsche attributes also characterize the all-electric Macan. The single speed transmission provides maximum torque in an impressive manner.

2025 Porsche Macan Appearance Porsche Appearance

2025 Porsche Macan Appearance Main Img
2025 Porsche Macan appearance

Sharpened front.

Not just the flyline but the entire front section is inspired by the classic Porsche design language. The wide flared fenders are strongly reminiscent of the 911. The hood is pulled down low. And, of course, the striking front end. The split LED headlights are another highlight — they make the all-electric Macan appear even more purposeful.

2025 Porsche Macan appearance

Side blades.

The typical Macan design feature is more strongly modeled in the all-electric Macan and is available in different styles. The side blades on the Macan are finished in Lava Black with a 3D texture as standard. To give the vehicle an even more individual character, they are also available in Black (high-gloss), Carbon fiber or exterior color. Furthermore, the Porsche E-Performance of the all-electric Macan can be emphasized with "electric" logos on the side.

2025 Porsche Macan appearance

Macan Design wheels.

The aerodynamically designed wheels emphasize your personal style and elegantly round off the appearance of the Macan. The 21-inch Macan Design light alloy wheels, painted Black (high-gloss) and with a polished finish, reinforce the athletic aesthetic. Another highlight: The attractive selection of five 22 inch wheel designs.

2025 Porsche Macan appearance

Loading volume.

In addition to the 19.0 ft³ of luggage space, which can be increased up to 47.6 ft³ by folding down the rear seat, the all-electric Macan also has a spacious 2.9 ft³ luggage compartment under the bonnet. Charging cables or shopping can be stored here quickly and securely. All you need to open the front luggage compartment is a hand gesture. The power tailgate can be opened with a simple foot gesture.

2025 Porsche Macan Comfort Porsche Comfort

2025 Porsche Macan comfort

Comfort seats.

In addition to the colors and materials of the interior — leather in Black and Blackberry1 — the shape of the low-positioned seats can also be further personalized. Thanks to 14-way electric adjustment, the comfort seats with memory package1 conform precisely to the contours of the driver and front passenger as desired. In addition to adjusting the seat height and backrest angle, they offer fore/aft adjustment, seat cushion depth adjustment and four-way lumbar support.

2025 Porsche Macan comfort

Practical storage.

The all-electric Macan offers a whole range of well thought out storage options. The highly functional center console contains, among other things, a smartphone compartment with wireless charging at up to 15 watts. In addition, a storage compartment, a storage box and two drinks holders at the front and drinks holders in the front and rear door panels ensure a tidy interior.

2025 Porsche Macan comfort

Porsche Driver Experience.

The cockpit is totally focused on the driver. A digital highlight behind the multifunctional sports steering wheel: The individually configurable 12.6-inch curved display that shows all relevant driving information. Numerous vehicle functions can be customized according to your needs using the 10.9-inch central display. Completely geared towards the passenger: the optional passenger display.

2025 Porsche Macan comfort

Ambient lighting with communication light.

In addition to the standard ambient lighting, the new Macan is the first Porsche to have a communication light. This light can, for example, warn you of hazards when changing lanes or getting out. Depending on your mood, the ambience of the cabin can also be changed with a selection of different colors. The Oak Green Metallic Neo1 interior package ensures even more exclusivity, thanks to high-quality decorative panels.

2025 Porsche Macan Safety & Warranty Porsche Safety

New Car Limited Warranty & Porsche 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Program for 4-Years / 50,000 Miles (whichever occurs first)

2025 Porsche Macan Safety Main Img
2025 Porsche Macan safety

Surround View

In addition to the reversing camera, features a 360-degree surround view generated from the images of four high-resolution cameras enabling even greater comfort when maneuvering. A junction view (from front and rear of vehicle) provides assistance at more complex exits. Images are displayed on the screen of the Porsche Communication Management (PCM).

2025 Porsche Macan safety

Active Parking Support

The system automatically detects parking spaces. Once the system has signaled that the parking space is a sufficient size, the driver can initiate and control the parking process. The system automatically takes over the steering and the forward and backward movement of the vehicle. The Active Parking Support is able to park the vehicle in parallel and perpendicular parking spaces.

2025 Porsche Macan safety

Porsche InnoDrive with Active Lane Keeping

Once activated, Porsche InnoDrive supports and relieves the driver in the driving task by taking over the speed control and continuously intervening in the steering. The function reacts to detected speed limits, corners and traffic circles and adjusts the driving speed accordingly.

Porsche InnoDrive orients itself within the system limits to lane markings and keeps the vehicle centered in the lane through continuous steering interventions - even in traffic jam situations.

2025 Porsche Macan safety

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)

Radar-based technology that automatically maintains a specified distance from the vehicle in front by gently braking the vehicle as required, even down to a halt.

2025 Porsche Macan Specification specs icon

Specs Image
Height: 63.8 in
Width (w/ mirrors folded): 76.3 in
Wheelbase: 113.9 in
Length: 188.4 in

Specs reflect base model unless otherwise noted.

Power up to (kW) 285 kW
Power up to (HP) 382 hp
Overboost Power with Launch Control up to (kW) 300 kW
Overboost Power with Launch Control up to (HP)
Max. torque with Launch Control 479 lb-ft
Gross battery capacity 100.0 kWh
Net battery capacity 95.0 kWh
Maximum charging power with direct current (DC) 270 kW
Charging time for alternating current (AC) with 9.6kW (0 to up to 100%) 11.0 hrs
Charging time for direct current (DC) with 150kW (10 to up to 80%) 33.0 min
Charging time for direct current (DC) with maximum charging power (10 to up to 80%) 21.0 min
Terrain Features
Max. wading depth (air suspension, high level) 13.3 in
Ramp break-over angle (air suspension, high level) 18.0 °
Max. ground clearance (air suspension, normal level) 7.2 in
Max. ground clearance (air suspension, high level) 8.8 in
Length 188.4 in
Width w/ mirrors folded 76.3 in
Width 84.7 in
Height 63.8 in
Wheelbase 113.9 in
Turning circle diameter 39.7 ft
Towing capacity 4,409 lb
Maximum permissible roof load with Porsche roof transport system 165 lb
Front luggage compartment volume 2.9 ft³
Rear luggage compartment volume 19.0 ft³
Rear luggage compartment volume (w/ seats folded) 47.6 ft³
Top track speed (with summer tires) 136 mph
0 - 60 mph with Launch Control 4.9 s

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